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Ep. 120 Those We Don’t Speak Of Pt. 3

August 10, 2022

In this episode we talk about the infamous Rothschild banking family's ties to the modern state, various rules to alienate the Arab population, and how Theodor Herzl looked up to, and asked help from colonizing master mind, and father of the NWO himself, Cecil Rhodes. We also look into the Rockefeller's part in the whole issue, and a case of what could only be called, double blackmail. I worked diligently on this episode, and I think I was able to pull out some really solid info on this controversial subject. It's one of those that kind of consumes you while you are researching it because the history is often well hidden yet, plentiful and as they say, there's no getting the toothpaste back in the tube. It's been a tough subject for me because I had to get over some long held beliefs of my own as I came across new information, but real history is exciting, and scary, and requires the ability to put facts before feelings, and that's what I'm here to do. Now, time to get down the Zionist rabbit hole, far beyond the mainstream! Thank you for your continued support, and i hope you enjoy this episode. Much love. Cheers, and Blessings   The Odd Man Out   Show Notes   Rothschild's Early Land Purchases In Palestine Benjamin's' Pool dedicated to Edmond de Rothschild in 1891 in Zichron Yaakov Israel. Edmond De Rothschild Park. Ramat Hanadiv. Israel. Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv. Dorothy de Rothschild Grove by Knesset. Villages (such as Pardess Hanna, Binyamina and Givat Ada, all named for members of the Rothschild family).   Coin with Edmond de Rothschild   500 Shekel Bill Edmond de Rothschild     Knesset in Jerusalem.   Supreme Court Built to Masonic Guidelines?   Rare Pics Inside Israeli Supreme Court         Richard Grove – The truth about the Rothschild.   Walter Rothschild, & The Balfour Declaration Manchester in 1904. (Source:)   The Family (Rothschilds)That Helped Build A New Nation   Lord Rothschild Explains His Family Created The Modern State   Rothschild Charity Work   Two Rothschilds, & The Land Of Israel   Rothschilds, & Israel's Wine Industry   Against Our Better Judgement Book by Allison Weir   If Americans Knew- Allison Weir's Group   Benjamin Freedman Speech   Biden, I'm a Zionist   “If we are going to admit claims on conquest thousands of years ago, the whole world will have to be turned upside down.” Lord Sydenham, Hansard, House of Lords, 21 June 1922.   Their Order Is Not Our Order!

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