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Ep. 61 Who Will Watch The Watchmen? Pt.2

March 18, 2021

This week i dive into the second part of the series on the claims of Jordan Maxwell, & other Astrotheologists, & expose more of their mistakes, & lies.
Again, we revisit the works of the likes of Chris White from the Nowhere To Run Podcast, Albert Mcilhenny, Elliot Nesch, Keith Thompson, & Joel Mcdurmon to show the falsities of Maxwell, & his Zeitgeist devotees. We take a deeper look at Biblical texts, & ancient history, & try our best to clear up the various mystery school claims that are leading many into the Theosophical New Age/New World Order. Now, it’s time to get down that rabbit hole, far beyond the mainstream.

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Where did Maxwell get his name?

“There are three Trinities in the Nazarene system as well as in the Hindu philosophy… The third is Lord Jordan (Jordanus Maximus), the Water of Life. He is the one through whom alone we can be saved; and thus he answers to the Holy Ghost (the feminine principle) and to the Shekinah (veil), or spiritual garment of En-Soph.”
Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled ll.

Jordan Maxwell, I have all of Blavatsky’s Works-

“Lord Ferho-the life which is no life-the Supreme God. The cause which produces the Light, or the Logos in abscondito. The water of “JORDANUS MAXIMUS” - the water of Life, or Ajar, the feminine principle.”
HelenA Blavatsky-
Unity in a trinity, enclosed within the ISH Amon.” Page 295 Two Cosmogonies Compared

“Theosophy has become an integral part of the Zeitgeist—“the spirit of our time”
John Alger -Theosophical Society Australia

“Zeitgeist takes its name from the German word which means “time spirit” and means “the spirit of the age,” which ironically sum up the very “spirit of the antichrist” that is prophesied would to delude the world at the end of the age” (1 John 4:1-4).

I highly urge you to look into the works of the people I play sound bites from on this episode. They spent a lot of time investigating these things with little, to no compensation.

Chris White of Nowhere To Run-
Zeitgeist Refuted

Zeitgeist Addendum: Toward a Technocratic, Communitarian, Cybernated Society

Jordan Maxwell Refuted By Ben Stanhope•

Zeitgeist Refuted By Elliot Nesch

Zeitgeist Exposed By Keith Thompson

Albert Mcilhenny-Prophet of Zeitgeist, A Critique of Jordan Maxwell

Keith Thompson- Aquarius, The Age of Evil

Albert Mcilhenny-Zeitgeist, & Comparative Solar Religions

Steve Bancarz (Ex- New Age Teacher)
Zeitgeist Debunked

Zeitgeist Exposed Pt.1

Chris White Answers Zeitgeist Documentary Makers Claims•

Brief Summary, & Refutation of Claims Made In Zeitgeist•


As Per Chris White: Gerald Massey was cited 31 times in Zeitgeist. Massey was a chief of the Ancient Order of Druids for 26 years!•

Plutarch, who was used as a source on Horus, was a priest of Delphi. A religion that worshiped Horus! Interestingly enough, the Rand Corp created something called The Delphi Technique in which they use specific wording in front of crowds to trick them into thinking the ideas they want to implement are actually the audiences ideas.•

Fabian Socialist, Edward Carpenter was one of Acharya’s Inspirations For Zeitgeist, & her book as well.•

Acharya S. & Peter Joesph explain, Virgin when it came to Isis, & other gods didn’t mean the same thing in ancient times as today. As in, a female who’d never had sex. (Virgin Mary) They also changed their stories from Horus, & other gods being crucified on crosses well, they sometimes were depicted in cruciform, or essentially pictured with outstretched arms.

Godfrey Higgins, who is considered one of the first Jesus Mythicists was a noted Freemason author. Manly P. Hall refers to him in several lectures. Look it up yourselves•


Lascaux Cave

Goats, Horses, Rams, Fish, Lions

Astrotheologists say the zodiac hasn’t changed in thousands of years except for Leo/Lion was the sphinx, & crab for Cancer was crab. Referring to Egyptian in Particular. He doesn’t understand the long progress of the zodiac.

One of the main things to remember w/ people like Jordan Maxwell, & other Astrotheologists such as a guy I heard on a show recently is that there’s no rules, or method to the madness. They can draw lines to absolutely anything. Albert Pike even said in Morals, & Dogma that at one point, there were hundreds of degrees, & many had made up allegories, & connections that didn’t even make sense, or had no real connections to Masonry allegorically, or literally.
The Jordanus Maximus alumni are no different. I’ve never heard them take chapters, or verses into historical context.
You can actually do what they do to a degree with any book fiction, or Non-fiction.

Lascaux Cave Paintings•

Cave Paintings date back 14,500, years, not 40,000 like researcher claimed. He also said the writings on the walls were all the animals from the modern Zodiac, & In in the correct order, even though, that would date them back centuries before the Zodiac was completed. The cave drawings of animals such as bears, deer, impaled bison, bulls, & horses. Animals that would have been in the area at the time.,

“The walls and ceiling of the main room and several branching chambers create steep galleries, all of which were magnificently decorated with engraved, drawn, and painted figures dating from about 15,000 b.c.. Based on carbon-14 dating, as well as the fossil record of the animal species portrayed in the paintings, the Lascaux artwork dates from the Upper Paleolithic period. The type of lithic industry, or stone tools, found and depicted further identifies Lascaux as part of the Aurignacian (Perigordian) culture present in Europe from 15,000 to 13,000 b.c.”

Hall of Bulls, red deer, various felines (many now extinct), horses, and bovids plus, a bird-headed man with an erect phallus.



Suspicions About Gobekli Tepe•

Excavators Doubt Göbekli Tepe Was An Astronomical Observatory•



The claim is that Cain means spear, & the name is referring to the arrow.
Cain In Hebrew Does Not Mean Spear. (Sagittarius)It’s defined as: "possessing" or "acquiring.

Jesus is not called: “A Fisher of Men.”
He tells his disciples who are fishers, “I will make you fishers of men.” Meaning, fishers of souls, missionaries, testifiers, proselytes.

The researcher claims the term “Pride (ḡā·’ō·wn in Hebrew)comes before the fall” from Proverbs 16:8 is a reference to the Zodiac sign for Leo, the Lion because, a pack of lions are called a pride. The actual verse is: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” KJV

Etymology of the word, “Pride.”


The Fraud of Modern Theosophy PDF Book

Saga City-Jesus Was Horus Myth Debunked

Stop The NWO-Blavatsky, Zeitgeist, United Nations

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting For The Faith-Debunking Zeitgeist•

Amun-Ra was the chief of the Egyptian gods. In the early days of the Egyptian civilization, he was worshipped as two separate gods. Amun was the god who created the universe. Ra was the god of the sun and light, who traveled across the sky every day in a burning boat.

Chris White Zeitgeist Addendum

Astrotheology Debunked•

Skeptic Secular Refutation of Zeitgeist

Chris White On Michael Tsarion

Archarya Ripped off Blavatsky

Ben Stanhope Refutes Jaclyn Glenn

Externalization of The Hierarchy Pt. 2

Jordan Maxwell Praises Socialist, Manly P. Hall

Jordan says the word “Cannibal” was derived the two words “Cana” as in, Canaan in the Bible, & Baal as a generic name for a pagan god they at one time worshiped. Another lie. This world didn’t come about until the 1550’s. Just one example of the many fallacies he proclaims. Again why?

cannibal (n.)

"human that eats human flesh," 1550s, from Spanish canibal, caribal "a savage, cannibal," from Caniba, Christopher Columbus' rendition of the Caribs' name for themselves (often given in modern transliterations as kalino or karina; s

Jordan Maxwell-Scam Master•

Jordan Maxwell Busted For International Driving Permits Scam

Jordan Maxwell-Consumer Fraud•

Jordan Maxwell Explains The Scam•

Jordan Maxwell A Freemason?•

Jordan Maxwell, Russell J. Pine

Jordan Maxwell Master Defrauder (text)•

Jordan Maxwell False Teacher•

Who Is Jordan Maxwell?•

Jordan Maxwell 'master defrauder'

Jordan Maxwell Court Cases

Who Is Jordan Maxwell?•

Jordan Maxwell Exposed

“Is it true that astrology played a large part in the formation of Christianity as Ms. Murdock asserts? Noel Swerdlow is Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. He has specialized in the study of the practice of astronomy in antiquity through the 17th century. I emailed Dr. Swerdlow on this matter. Here is what he had to say on Ms. Murdock’s view:

“In antiquity, constellations were just groups of stars, and there were no borders separating the region of one from the region of another. In astrology, for computational purposes the zodiacal signs were taken as twelve arcs of 30 degrees measured from the vernal equinox. Because of the slow westward motion of the equinoxes and solstices, what we call the precession of the equinoxes, these did not correspond to the constellations with the same names. But . . . within which group of stars the vernal equinox was located, was of no astrological significance at all. The modern ideas about the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius are based upon the location of the vernal equinox in the regions of the stars of those constellations. But the regions, the borders between, those constellations are a completely modern convention of the International Astronomical Union for the purpose of mapping . . . and never had any astrological significance. I hope this is helpful although in truth what this woman is claiming is so wacky that it is hardly worth answering.(5) So when this woman says that the Christian fish was a symbol of the ‘coming age of Pisces’, she is saying something that no one would have thought of in antiquity because in which constellation of the fixed stars the vernal equinox was located, was of no significance and is entirely an idea of modern, I believe twentieth-century, astrology.”

Disinformation Agents of the New World Order – David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, etc.

Another claim In Zeitgeist was that Horus like Jesus, had 12 disciples.-
According to most Egyptologists: Horus had four semi-gods that were followers.  There is a legend that says Horus had 16 human followers and an unspecified number of blacksmiths that went into war with him. Nothing credible about 12 followers, or disciples.•

Jesus Compared To Dionysus•

Yet Another Jordan Maxwell UFO Encounter•

Jordan Maxwell Out of Body Experience

Jordan Maxwell’s Role In The New World Order

Manuscript Evidence For Jesus

Origins of The Cap, & Gown. (Nothing To Do With Saturn) The gowns were traditionally other colors (not just black, & they wore them because they were often in buildings without heat.

Astrology Doesn’t Work, & Never Did•

Astrology and Horoscopes Uncloaked

Debunking Astrology – The Planets Just Aren’t That Into You

A Complete Refutation of Astrology

History of The Engagement Ring, or (Band) Nothing to do with Saturn.

History of Crowns - Origin and Symbolism of Crown (Nothing To Do With Rings of Saturn) The ancients obviously couldn’t see the rings of Saturn from earth, & what were married couples going to do, wear square, or triangular rings on their fingers? A circle is an ancient sign of eternity.

Ben Stanhope

Chris White/Nowhere To Run Podcast
(Please check out, & support his work)

Book of Jasher says Abraham did not worship the sun, moon, & stars•

Battling B.S. - Jesus is not Krishna, and he isn’t Mithra, and he isn’t Horus,…etc

Is The Movie Zeitgeist Accurate?

Bill Cooper Exposes Jordan Maxwell

Kersey Graves Druid, Spiritualist, & The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors-The Secular Web- Source For Zeitgeist
(Problems With His Claims)

The Non-Crucified Non-Saviors of the World

Edward Carpenter, Fabian Socialist, One of DM Murdoch’s Sources for Zeiteist•

Dr. Michael Heiser Website Dedicated To Refuting Claims of Zecharia Sitchin

No Evidence For The Resurrection of Tammuz

Jesus, No Relation To Esus

The Freed Thinker | Interview with Albert McIlhenny on Podbean, check it out!

Deeper Waters with Nick Peters | Against Jesus Mythicism on Podbean

Mythicists Trying To Refute Nazareth

Zeitgeist Movement Exposed•

Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon

Dr. Michael Heiser On Zecharia Sitchin, & Nibiru Hoax


The Naked Truth claimed the word Amen, originated from the Greco-Roman Version of the Egyptian god Ammon, & in Egyptian Amun Ra, sometimes spelled Amen Ra.

amen (interj.)

Old English, from Late Latin amen, from Ecclesiastical Greek amen, from Hebrew amen "truth," used adverbially as an expression of agreement (as in Deuteronomy xxvii.26, I Kings i.36), from Semitic root a-m-n "to be trustworthy, confirm, support. 13th Century modern English

Elliot Nesch Facebook•

Debunking Theosophy

What is Jordan Maxwell’s Role In the NWO?

Do a recap of the many falsities•

• I, the Odd Man Out am in no way
affiliated with any of the researchers, & individuals from the sound clips of this episode. Anything i may have said does not reflect upon their character, or positions. I do implore you to watch their documentaries, listen to their podcasts, & read the information they have provided in response to the Zeitgeist films, & the Jordan Maxwell crew. We are very lucky to have intelligent researchers who have taken the time from their very busy lives to unearth critical responses to the Theosophical, & New Age points of view.

Albert Mcilhenny-Profit of Zeitgeist, Critique of The Jesus Mythicism of Jordan Maxwell

Albert Mcilhenny-Zeitgeist The Farce

Steve Bancarz-The Second Coming of The New Age.

Chris White-Mystery Babylon

****The name Arkanoah was taken from Manly P. Hall’s Lecture on The Planets, & The Ancient Gods.


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